West Palm Beach ranked tops in Florida

17 Florida cities in the 2014 Forbes Top 200

SouthFloridaSunrise.com Staff report

August 6--The Forbes 16th annual ranking of the Best Places for Business and Careers analyzed the 200 largest metropolitan statistical areas and divisions in the U.S.

Four South Florida communities were ranked in the top 200: West Palm Beach (54), Ft Lauderdale (102), Pt. St. Lucie (109), and Miami (113).

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Passed the taste test

California Pizza Kitchen re-imagines Boca Raton location

SouthFloridaSunrise.com Staff report

July 16-For the past two years, California Pizza Kitchen has been testing its "recipe for re-imagination" at its Fort Lauderdale location. Key ingredients in the recipe combine more creativity in its menu, a new design that harkens back to its California mind-set, and re-focusing its staff to "de-chain" the chain to attract more customers.

Based on positive results in Fort Lauderdale and a California location, CPK has announced the debut of its re-imagined menu in the newly remodeled Boca Raton restaurant to further roll-out the concept.

The enhanced menu, which still features California Pizza Kitchen’s signature hand-tossed California-style pizzas, pastas and salads, incorporates new Main Plates, unique seasonal offerings, Lunch Duos and handcrafted cocktails made with fresh juices, fruits, purées and herbs.

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“Why are we doing this?”

Purposeful social media

Why are we doing this?”

By Earl Starkoff, MarketServ™

The blogosphere is bloated with the pros and cons of social media for businesses. Everyone has a point of view, but a lot of them are so wrapped up in their advocacy that they miss the point.

Namely, “Why are we doing this?”

It seems like businesses spend way too much time thoughtlessly devoted to participating in social media because it’s popular or “experts” say it’s important as a channel or your competitors are “in that space” or because that’s what the big brands do….

Yes, organizations should use social media. But the hidden cost of social media is the time it takes to sustain your presence. Your organization can go small, medium, or large with a commitment as fits your budget, but without that commitment, your strategy will fail.

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